This year was my 3rd year attending a conference, and I thing that every year has been full of information. I recommend every women out there to go to a conference. I also want to thank Audrey Brooks-Scott for being an amazing mentor. Thank you.
— Patty
I have attended three conferences and each has added new ideas and tools to my financial knowledge. The enthusiastic speakers are so open and willing to talk. I learned from Gail Perry-Mason helpful websites, and the value of writing to companies. With the encouragement of Kat Belluci we are selling my husband’s special car. I still hope to be a product tester-endorser in my retirement life. I have profited from the [Money Finder System] to be aware of how those tiny expenditures can add up. I enrolled in deferred compensation and saved on taxes and have some back-up for my retirement income. I have listed my credit card info by phone numbers, available balance, and interest and expiration dates. I still did not get my credit bureau reports because the stupid voice response never got my simple name and address correct, but in buying a house, saw my and my husbands credit scores from all three. I am now happily retired this month and confident that the tools I have learned will help
— Juil Dandini, Newly Retired!
Since I started the mentoring program in April, I have been amazed at how much it helped me. I am nearing 50, and I really didn’t have a plan. Nine months ago I didn’t have any savings - no emergency savings, no “Pink-Slip(tm) Savings...which I learned the importance of from Women’s Money. Today, almost nine months since the conference, I do have an emergency savings fund and I also have just a bit more before I have a fully funded Pink-Slip savings. Now...I’m excited to say that I am looking towards creating a retirement plan. I just have a few more steps to go, and I think I’ll be ready for bootcamp. It’s so exciting!
— Maria C., Manager and Mom
Hello my name is Olivia Brown I am a twenty year old college sophomore. Throughout my life time I have experienced multiple struggles with my finances. Growing up in a single parent household was tough, but it allowed me to learn about taking control of what I spent and learning how to budget. I attended the Women Money Conference during my senior year of high school. While in attendance, I was offered different methods that could assist with preparing for college and how to budget my money wisely. Not only was this one of the best decisions I made, but it also was extremely helpful in my first semester. Although, my family is considered middle class there was still the expectation that I would personally pay for school. In facing this decision I chose to find part-time employment that would accommodate my schedule. Throughout this next semester I will practice being more efficient with my finances. I cannot wait to return to the Women?s Money Conference this year to gain more fun.
— Olivia Brown, student
I’m so excited right now! I just got approved for a car loan with USAA. I learned about USAA at the Women’s Money Conference in Las Vegas. I also learned a lot about credit from the credit speaker from I went to and found out that my score was good, but to make it better I needed an account mix. I thought this was a perfect opportunity to by the car I desperately need. I thought I’d have to buy some junker until the tools that and the conference gave me. I have received an interest rate that is HALF of what the dealership wanted to give me. I didn’t know you don’t have to be in the military to get a loan from USAA. I am now a proud member! I’m so excited. Thank you to Geri from and from the mentor that recommended USAA.
— grabel
I love this program! Can’t wait for the next conference.
— Tina
My daughter came with me to the conference and has met with her mentoring group for a few months. At 18 she opened up her own bank account with savings attached. She’s building a credit the smart way, and we have started a college savings account too. Thank you!! This has been an incredibly valuable experience.
— Eileen
Phenomenal Experience! Because of the conference I attended, I now have one day a month to “manage my business” just like I do in my real business. It’s amazing because I just spend one day thinking about my PERSONAL finances. It’s really made a world of difference because the other 29 days of the month I don’t stress out about my spending or my finances. Thank you to Gail Perry-Mason - a fantastic speaker!
— Maria, business owner