Swipe for Change - Special Fundraiser  

Raise Money for Women's Money® and for Yourself

Every Time You and Your Friends Shop.

Every time you swipe your Cascade PrePaid MasterCard® as a credit purchase in the U.S.A., Women's Money® will receive a small percentage of that purchase.  In addition, if you refer others to use the Cascade Card both Women's Money AND You earn cashback rewards (money!).  You can learn more here. 

Quick Facts About the Cascade Card:

  • It does not require a credit check to obtain this prepaid credit card.
  • The money on your card is federally insured by the FDIC, so it's safe.
  • You're protected by MasterCard® Zero Liability Policy on unauthorized transactions.

We invite you, as a supporter of Women's Money® check this out, sign up and start using the Cascade Card for yourself, and also refer your friends and family to make this their primary payment solution.

I just want to take a moment of your time to tell you what a positive and tremendous difference Women’s Money has made in my life, in the lives of my daughters and of several of my friends.

Having a resource that provides honest answers and information, positive reinforcement and the connections to government agencies and businesses and understanding is invaluable.

Also, the ability to attend seminars for free has been a huge benefit, in allowing me to learn, participate and understand so many things, financial and other, that I might otherwise miss out on by not having the money to attend these types of seminars.

The mentor program - also free - is invaluable as a learning tool and information pipeline in all types of financial matters.

My hope is some day that financial education of women, of all ages, could be supported by our educators and government.
— Sincerely, Cindy H