Let's Move Forward!

Program Two

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After women have created a strong financial foundation in Program One, they can apply to join Program Two.

A mentor must have a personal review of the mentee's financial foundation, and give a recommendation as to their readiness to join Program Two. 

Current  Women's Money®  offers two components:

  • Women's Money® Wealth Building Leadership Field Excusions
  • Women's Money® Wealth Building Circles

Make a Commitment to Your Future 


To be in Women's Money® Two, you need to participate in Women's Money® One. Let your mentor know that you are setting a goal to participate in Two. Your mentor will work with you to make sure you are ready to receive your invitation to the Women's Money® Wealth Building Bootcamp.  

The Women's Money® Wealth Building Bootcamp is a Two-part event where you will experience:

  • Understanding Investment Terms.
  • Understanding Investment Vehicles.
  • DIY Investing
  • Determining which investments can help you get to your personal goals.
  • When you need a Financial Adviser
  • How to Interview a Financial Adviser
  • How to Work with a Financial Adviser
  • Understanding Investing:  It's not that complicated.

How to Sign Up for Program Two


In order to be invited into Program Two, you must be a participant in Program One.  Your duration in Program One might only be one day, one week, one year, or more likely 2-10 years.  The pace doesn't matter...the progress does.

Please note:  We are never out of Program One, and that is why it is so essential. Every now and again our foundation shifts, and we need to make adjustments. Program One, at it's core, never ends for any of us. 

Step 1.  -   LOG IN to the My Mentoring Portal system and take all three Financial Freedom Evaluators.  

Step 2.  -   If you feel you are ready for Program Two, discuss this with your Program One mentor and she will set up a time to do a review.