Chapter One: Money, Communication, & Happiness

“My Money Story” is where it all starts

Do you ever wonder why you manage your money in a certain way?   Maybe you spend money on this or that when you know you shouldn’t, you don’t need it or you even know that it is harmful?   Do you ever wonder why you con‐ tinue to do it over and over again?   Most likely the answer is hidden in a life episode you don’t even remember – a subconscious connection that was made to money in the early years of your life.

These become “money triggers” that can lead us to spend in the wrong ways, ignore debt, and lead us into money dangers with our eyes wide open to the potential catastrophe that lies ahead and we are left feeling guilty, stupid, and desperate...we feel like a vic‐ tim of our own money behaviours. You can’t stop the money‐trigger merry‐go‐round unless you can slow it down enough to jump off. This exercise provides you with a jumping off point.

This exercise is about you and your money story. Write down what you know or feel about money (the good, the bad, and the ugly) and why you feel that way about money…what brought you to this “fact”? Don’t edit yourself. Just write from the heart.

After you have written it down, read it and ask yourself:

  1. Does this attitude/belief system serve me?
  2. Is this accurate and absolute truth? Does it serve me? If it doesn’t serve you, do you need to continue acting as if you do believe it?
  3. How do I act out my money story in my daily life?