Turn budgeting into date night #WMW16 @12LocalNews @sslatton

Turn budgeting into date night  #WMW16  @12LocalNews @sslatton

This week you can find more financial advice for women, as part of National Women's Money Week. Several topics and articles are on www.womensmoney.org. Maple Grove personal finance author Carrie Rocha is involved with the nonprofit that promotes financial education for women.

"So much financial information is geared and written toward the way men think, however women are central to a family's financial experience, so it's really set out to target and empower women," says Rocha, who encourages readers to learn something new this week about smart money management.

"Whether it's setting a budget or getting out of debt, or investing or managing your assets, wherever people are, they need to make the wisest choices for their unique situation," she said.

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