Improving Your Money and Your Partner Relationship

Acting almost like an aphrodisiac, many of us think money has the ability to bring us great love and happiness. It’s true that it is acting like a magnet, just not in the way we may think. Money has an uncanny way of reflecting the struggles we have within ourselves and cause us to project those struggles into our experiences with money and into our relationships.

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Turn budgeting into date night #WMW16 @12LocalNews @sslatton

Turn budgeting into date night  #WMW16  @12LocalNews @sslatton

This week you can find more financial advice for women, as part of National Women's Money Week. Several topics and articles are on Maple Grove personal finance author Carrie Rocha is involved with the nonprofit that promotes financial education for women.

"So much financial information is geared and written toward the way men think, however women are central to a family's financial experience, so it's really set out to target and empower women," says Rocha, who encourages readers to learn something new this week about smart money management.

"Whether it's setting a budget or getting out of debt, or investing or managing your assets, wherever people are, they need to make the wisest choices for their unique situation," she said.

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5 Tips for Business-Like Budgeting for the Home #WMW16 @barbfriedberg

5 Tips for Business-Like Budgeting for the Home  #WMW16 @barbfriedberg

Successful businesses have one thing in common: they are good with their money. If you want to maximize your money at home, you should take a business-like approach to budgeting. Here are five things that successful businesses do well, and tips to help you do the same!

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What Should a Freelance Consultant Charge?

What Should a Freelance Consultant Charge?

Setting a Price on Yourself as an Entrepreneur

We all want to make more money, yet setting a price on yourself as an entrepreneur is not an easy task. One of the most difficult things to do when starting off in entrepreneurship, however, is deciding your worth. Whether you are selling a product, your knowledge, or your time, setting a fair price for your services is essential.

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Women’s Money Week Voices Financial Concerns Facing Women #WMW16



Women’s Money Week Voices Financial Concerns Facing Women

Las Vegas, NV,   March 3, 2016--  Women continue to fall behind men in nearly every category related to finances - from investment practices, to savings, to salaries. Women's Money® Week 2016 (#WMW16) aims to close these gaps by encouraging women and men to raise awareness for important money-related issues impacting women and their families. This fifth annual Women's Money® Week takes place next week, March 7th - 11th, 2016, and coincides with International Women's Day.

During Women's Money® Week, personal finance journalists, broadcasters, and bloggers are joining together to raise awareness about women’s money-related issues as they share resources, information and experiences.  The Week will feature five personal finance topics, one daily, and participants will contribute their knowledge and experiences on that topic as it uniquely relates to women.  The daily topics are:  

 ·         Monday:  Entrepreneurship & Career (Entrepreneurship, Earning Your Worth, Making Money);

·         Tuesday:  Relationships & Money (Marriage, Kids, Goals, Financial Organization);

·         Wednesday:  Budgeting & Spending (Saving Money, Credit, Money Management);

·         Thursday:  Debt & Saving (Debt Freedom, Credit, Savings, Student Loans);

·         Friday:  Investing in Your Future ( Retirement, Investing, Insurance, College Planning, Home Ownership)

Some of the best and brightest in personal finances will be participating including Carrie Rocha of, Experian, Seattle Money Coach Mikelann Valterra, Arizona YWCA, Women’s Business Development Council, Jill Salzman of, and more.  

To participate in Women’s Money Week 2016 simply write or broadcast about the daily topic hashtagging your content #wmw16, then letting us know you’ve done so by completing this short form:  For media interviews and requests contact us at

Recently, was donated to Women’s Money® by its founder Elizabeth Sanberg.  Women’s Money® is a national non-profit organization with a mission to increase financial resiliency, and propel social and economic justice for women and girls.

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